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45601 Kid’s Dentist Office

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45601 Kid's Dentist Office

45601 Kid’s Dentist Office




When it comes to your child’s medical health, you bring him or her to a pediatrician. When it comes to their dental health, you want to bring him or her to a dentist who specializes in care of children as well. That is why parents want to use the services of a pediatric dentist. At Chillicothe Pediatric Dentistry, you can feel confident that your child is receiving the best dental care available for children. Parents who visit our 45601 kid’s dentist office know the special services and care that only a pediatric dentist can offer you and your child.


Our dentist, Dr. Griffin, works with his experienced staff to provide expert dental care, while making sure your child is comfortable and relaxed. Our practice works to determine the dental needs of your child, and treats each patient as an individual. We also want each child to learn firsthand that going to the dentist can be a fun and comfortable experience, while doing something important – looking after the health of their teeth and gums. We pride ourselves in providing the best pediatric dental care. Part of that important care is making sure that all parent’s questions are answered thoughtfully and thoroughly. Parents have many questions regarding their child’s oral health, including how to teach proper brushing techniques, and when children should stop using pacifiers. All questions are completely and patiently answered at our 45601 kid’s dentist office.


Dr. Griffin is a doctor who enjoys specializing in pediatric dentistry. He has undergone years of specialty training, beyond his initial dental school experience, to become an expert in the field. This training includes use of kid-friendly behavior-modification techniques to help with treatment, up through the possible use of age-appropriate sedatives to help the child with more difficult dental procedures. Our 45601 kid’s dentist office is a primary care provider, but referrals are always welcomed when specialized children’s dental care is needed. (These referred patients may choose to return to their regular dentist’s once special treatment is completed.) As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Griffin is well-trained in the various developmental stages a child’s mouth, teeth and gums will go through. He is able to make sure that development is proceeding along the way it is supposed to go, and is able to intervene, if necessary, with treatments that will allow proper development. If you would like your child to befit from the expert care of a pediatric dentist, contact our office today for an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you and your child into our dental practice family.

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